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Okay, update from me.  I finally got my Q&A section finished (minus some tweaking and addition I'll do to the 'become a therian' question after I actually get that article finished on the topic), which is pasted below, under cut; and of course more can (and will be) added later on.  I composed a list for my reference of articles and essays from other authors I think would be good on Project Shift, and I will be contacting those people about permission use (likely won't get to all of them this weekend, so it will be a somewhat gradual thing).  At this point, I have 16-20 articles in that list, though I'm unsure how many I will get permission for, and a few I'm thinking we can just link to them in the appropriate section (like Community, Therianthropy, etc.); most I'd rather post the text as opposed to a link.  When I get further along on those permissions I'll either update here or contact Tawn in email about the outcomes.

Some suggestions for the actual PS site:
--the Physical Shifting article citations need to be fixed up, because right now they are odd looking numbers sitting at the end of sentences.  They would probably be best as square bracketed numbers (with or without them linking to the correlating number in the citation section).  Also, it's more practical to have in-text citations made from the same source as being the same number, rather than having the same source taking up multiple numbers in the citation list, and that each different source should be listed by a separate number (thus if a sentence references something from two sources, both/all numbers would be listed within the in-text citation brackets).

--I also think that each category tab should show an article index page (linked to each article under that category) as the main page when the tab is clicked.  The side navigation bar can include some key article links, such as for the Therianthropy section, the "What is Therianthropy?", "Terms and Definitions", and "Types of shifts" (and maybe the Q&A) should probably be kept on that side navigation because they are main, key articles that would probably be some of the most viewed.  The index page for the Therianthropy section can include the remaining (and sidebar links, too) articles that fall under that category.  I'm unsure how exactly to divide that up for the Introspection and Community sections because there's currently nothing in them : / (thus that will have to be figured out later).

--Links need to be added in the Resources section, and I'm working on compiling a list of some and will likely make a separate post for that sometime, of which hopefully some other people will suggest some links to add.


Can a therian have a theriotype that is an insect, monkey, fish, [insert other rarely claimed theriotype]?


There remain some therians, even sites or boards, that believe only certain types of animals can be theriotypes while other animals are excluded.  However, a wide variety of animal types have been represented in the online community, including but not limited to fish, marine mammals, land mammals (regardless of type), insects, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.  There appears no restriction on the capacity for a person to end up being probably any type of animal, and that may even include animals such as jellyfish, coral, sea anemones, microscopic animals, and so forth.  Numerous therians have even expressed that they believe a person can be a “plant otherkin” (or plant ‘kin) in a very similar manner in which a person can be a therian—the difference being that the former is of a plant ‘kintype and the latter of an animal theriotype/’kintype.


We currently do not know the bounds and limitations by which the internal self, identity, soul, or psychology can subjectively manifest within an individual.  And there is thus the potential that there are people (whether or not they ever enter the online therian or otherkin communities) who have animal, plant, other organism, etc. internal aspects equivalent to that of therians and otherkin but of creatures or organisms many therian/’kin may not expect or even want to accept are such internally.  Skepticism can be understandable, but it’s important to be respectful to others even amongst skepticism and to realize that we are far from honestly having all of the “facts” about being therian and otherkin.



How can a therian with a carnivorous or omnivorous theriotype be a vegetarian or a vegan?  How can an herbivorous-theriotype therian tolerate or like eating meat?


In simplistic terms, most therians appear to admit and realize that our food and drink diets in our obviously human bodies have little to no impact from what their theriotype(s) is/are.  Therians with “carnivorous” animal theriotypes are not inevitably bound away from being vegan or vegetarian, for any of a variety of reasons.  Those therians with “herbivorous” or insectivorous theriotypes are similarly not limited to eating by only a vegan/vegetarian or insect-based diet, respectively.


Though it’s not to say that a person’s theriotype(s) necessarily can’t affect and influence one’s eating habits in other ways or even be in ways connected to a drive to eat certain foods (meat, insects, particular plants, etc.).  Some therians express having mental shifts involved in strongly craving food types of their theriotype(s), or that the person’s otherwise non-therianthropy related preference for eating certain foods also sometimes manifests an inner satiation therianthropically of eating a food type which his/her theriotype would normally or prefer to eat.  Therianthropy can also affect the ways in which a person behaviorally consumes, searches for, gathers or obtains, or otherwise acts regarding food.



I am always my theriotype(s), does this mean I don’t mental shift?  I have fluctuations and times when I feel more or less my theriotype(s) but I am always it/them; is this contherianthropy or suntherianthropy?


The answer to this is a difficult and probably complex one that is ultimately answered by each individual him/herself.  However, I believe this misconception does need additional clarification.  Just because a person is “always” his/her theriotype(s) does not necessitate that s/he is experiencing being a contherian or suntherian.  It’s generally understood that therianthropy is something that is nevertheless a constant part of oneself, rather than an aspect that is only existent in the individual for brief, temporary amounts of time.  Yet its consistency does not always have to manifest in a completely active form, it can also be inactive, in a passive and even sometimes dormant form, for varying lengths of time.  This passive form maybe no longer than a few minutes, a few hours, or it can for some be days, weeks, or longer; though again, it’s up to the individual to figure out if that animal aspect is actually a theriotype rather than some other type of animal connection, manifestation, or association.


In essence, it’s expected that a person’s theriotype(s) be a ‘constant’ part of him/her from whenever they first exist to the point when they cease to exist within the individual as a theriotype, however long that may be.  It’s not like the misconceived idea of a person solely being his/her theriotype during mental, phantom, or other shifts, or that it’s something that’s just “sometimes there” within and manifest in the person, in whatever manner.  Further explanation of this topic can be found in Sonne’s “Fluidity and Fragmentation” essay.



Can therians be Christians?  Can they be atheists?  Can they be [insert other spiritual or religious belief]?  If so, then how?


Therians are highly diverse types of people, with not much really tying all of us together other than that we are therianthropes—those who experience that particular (though diverse itself) form of animal-human state of being.  Therefore we are by no means limited to only being of a certain type(s) of belief systems, spiritualities, religions, philosophies, and so forth.  And similarly, we aren’t restricted by race, gender, financial status, body size or shape, and so many other things.  Numerous Christian therians exist as members (past and present) in the therian community, and they have each come to their own conclusions and beliefs as to why therianthropy does not conflict with them being Christian.  Atheist therians also exist because there’s nothing preventing such; there’s no requirement that a person believe in one or more deities in order to be a therian.  Also, there are even people who don’t believe in spirits and/or souls who are therians because explanations for therianthropy are not restricted to only spirit or soul causes or origins.



What do my phantom wings indicate?  Another theriotype? A totemic influence?  Something else?


Actually, phantom wings can be rather ambiguous things to experience.  Sometimes they are associated directly with the person’s theriotype(s) or ‘kintype(s), and for other therians they are symbolic, totemic, or some other non-therianthropic manifestation.  They are also phantom parts which are sometimes experienced by non-therian/non-‘kin people.  Like numerous questions in this article, it’s one of those things that is up to the individual to carefully decipher the proper answer to them.  Though I will note that in addition to just feeling them as phantom wings in general, the frequency or length of their occurrence and the level at which they feel “real” should be considered.  Yet just because they occur a lot, even constantly/near-constantly or feel ‘very real’ does not necessarily mean they are therianthropic or otherkin-related.  There’s also the matter to be considered as to what type of animal or creature they are part of, especially if they are of a theriotype/’kintype.



What traits of a therian (or possible therian) are human and which are not?  Or how can the person tell which are which?


There is no concise, basic answer to this other than that it’s something each individual must discover on his/her own, within.  Generally though, because we are human, any of our experiences and manifestations of being therian are going to fall within the widely diverse spectrum of human experience.  Thus the aspects of one’s theriotypes can also be applied to being “human aspects”.


When it comes down to it though, figuring out oneself as therian and identifying one’s theriotype(s) isn’t about just picking a simple list of “non-human behaviors, thoughts, shifts, etc.” and reaching a conclusion easily from there.  It’s instead about a wide composition of aspects within and about oneself that are non-human and human and that it’s about being that animal internally on an integral, personal level.  Where exactly a person draws the line (if at all) between non-human and human, or between therianthropic and non-therianthropic, is a subjective decision reached through the extensive and thorough efforts of self and internal understanding and introspection by each individual who believes him/herself maybe therian.



My behavior really mirrors [insert animal here], does that mean I’m a therian?


Behavior can serve as some indication of a person’s therianthropy and is not something that has to be disregarded.  Yet each person needs to put forth caution in evaluating and reevaluating his/her behaviors that seem “animalistic” or “non-human”.  A good, general perspective to take when introspecting on what one’s theriotype(s) is/are involves viewing the behaviors as being manifestations you do in part because of your theriotype (whatever it may be), rather than the behaviors being clear indicators of what the theriotype actually is.  In a sense, it’s the scenario of “I do [X behavior] because I am [Y animal ‘type], and not that I am [Y animal ‘type] because I do [X behavior]”.


Therefore behaviors are fine to consider amongst a variety of other self aspects and experiences to help oneself figure out what his/her theriotype(s) is/are, but that behaviors should not be treated as stand alone (or near stand alone) evidence to draw conclusions on what the theriotype(s) is/are.  Behaviors maybe more efficient to explore and take validity in being therianthropic during and after the personal verification phase in which the person has already reached a seemingly likely conclusion on a theriotype and is looking for more and long-lasting supporting evidence for (or against) this conclusion.  Thus that above scenario can better be reached in that situation—figuring out your behaviors are related to your theriotype after figuring out (for the most part) your theriotype, rather than the other way around.



I have dreams about being an animal (or insert specific animal) [once, twice, frequently, etc.], does that mean I’m a therian? Or “does that mean my theriotype is [animal dreamt of being]?”  Similarly, “I see [insert animal(s)] in my dreams a lot (or recently), would it/they be my theriotype(s)?”


Dreams are one aspect of the self that should be applied cautiously in therianthropic introspection, especially pertaining to the level of validity attributed to them for determining oneself as a therian or of a specific theriotype.  The thing about dreams is they can be highly symbolic, let alone difficult to decipher well, even for the individual experiencing them.  Although a person’s theriotype may manifest in one or more dreams, it’s unadvisable to use that as good evidence to verify to his/herself that “I am [X animal] because I dreamt I shifted into it”.  Non-therians can and do have dreams with animals in them, whether totemic or not (and a totemic or spirit guide relation should be considered, along with other animal associations), and they can dream-shift into an animal within the dream.  Focusing on aspects of yourself, thoughts, shifts, experiences, etc. that occur during wakefulness and not dreaming are more reliable and indicative of whether you are a therian or not and what your theriotype(s) is/are.



I think I have one or more enhanced/keen senses for a human (such as hearing, sight, smell, etc.), could this be because my theriotype maybe a(n) [insert animal]?


Although the therian community has a term called “sensory shifts” which deal with a mental perception enhancement in one or more senses, this is not an experience at all limited to therians.  As also, having a normally (constant, non-shifting) higher level (or seemingly such) of one or more senses does not the therian make.  It’s a flawed idea to compare ‘enhanced human senses’ to that of, for example, a canine, feline, bird, etc. that has a notably stronger sense of that type beyond natural human capacity, and using it to draw the conclusion that oneself must be [insert animal].


Senses have two main parts, mental (where they are perceived and processed) and physical (the actual sense organs and sensory cells).  Some people have greater or lesser physical or mental sensory capacities as the human “norm” for them, but nevertheless we are humans with human sensing limitations, not those of a wolf, lion, shark, and so forth.  We don’t have a tapetum lucidum (reflective layer behind the retina) in our eyes to greatly enhance our nightvision to that level of many animals adapted for seeing in the dark, and we don’t have nearly as many olfactory cells and types for smell as a wolf, for example.  Among the other senses we are limited in.


You may actually have a higher human sense of some type compared to an ‘average’ person, or may experience sensory shifts (whether accompanied with an animal mental shift of not) that enhance the mental perception of a certain sense.  Yet you are still a human with human sensory capabilities and limitations.  Trying to attribute those human senses to being of any particular non-human animal (especially as a theriotype) will likely lead to an inefficient search and a jumping to false conclusions.



Does preferring to be outside, in nature, rather than in cities or otherwise around people mean I am or am likely a therian?


Even though many therians express a preference for spending time in “natural” areas outside of human buildings, cities, etc., it is not something that is a required attribute of therians and it’s also something that is found largely amongst non-therians.  The only thing it really indicates is (obviously) that you are a person who likes or prefers to be in those types of natural areas for whatever spans of time.  Some people feel their therianthropy is connected to that preference yet it’s not a necessity, and even with therians one may attribute it more strongly or equally to being human as to being therianthopically non-human.


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Jan. 11th, 2009 04:42 am (UTC)
We’re moving along some more, awesome! (: Hopefully lots of folks are alright sharing their work, and otherwise yeah, we can always link in those sections, or in Resources. Maybe even a further reading area can be in the indexes you’ve suggested, we’d list PS articles, and then underneath, ones from other sites as ‘further reading’?

I should probably clean up citation in that article in general as well. Just using links was a matter of laziness to be honest, and I’m not sure that links alone really slide (of course, you’re not supposed to use Wikipedia in these things either, are you? :/) That aside, I like your suggestions so I’ll tidy that up when I get a few minutes for sure.

About category organization/ index pages, I think that’s a brilliant idea. We could give summaries under the articles as well, maybe? That’d tell people what they are about so they might find things quick. Then the sidebar could become ‘Recommended Reading’, or Quick Links, or some such, as opposed to ‘Further Reading’? I suppose that the Introspection and Community areas could be similar, and in the sidebar we could put things we think people should read or would find useful, like tips on introspection, and things to do with community etiquette, or Meirya’s article about thinking critically before believing everything you see? Maybe FAQs, if those pop up?

We should probably add a definition of otherkin for the terms and definitions article, since it might come up.

Q and A: I think your answers are great, very clear and understandable (although I really wish someone ‘new’ folks were around to really clarify that better since we’re all sort of ‘biased’ so to speak. Maybe I’ll get some friends to skim the site for us in case there is something that could be more clear.) If there’s anything you’d like to edit first, or if I should modify the page next update and we’ll edit it later instead with any changes to the ‘become a therian’ question etc, just let me know. Actually, if you’d like FTP access as well I can email you the information and you can fiddle anytime you please.
Perhaps we ought to put a list of the questions at the top of that article for quick reading, and link to each question/ answer with page anchors?

Other small stuff: “Fluidity and Fragmentation”, on site, or linking off to it?

That seems to be it. (:
Jan. 11th, 2009 05:43 am (UTC)
"Maybe even a further reading area can be in the indexes you’ve suggested, we’d list PS articles, and then underneath, ones from other sites as ‘further reading’?"

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea for additional material that is best linked or some that we won't get permissions for posting the text.

"I’m not sure that links alone really slide (of course, you’re not supposed to use Wikipedia in these things either, are you? :/"

I had forgotten to mention that--more appropriate citations would be preferred instead of only links to the websites. But as for using Wikipedia, I have no problem with it (it's not like this is an article to be turned in and graded for a class or such things), though a general rule of thumb I suppose would be that if you can find the same sort of information from a more reliable (non-Wikipedia) source, then that would be the better option. Yet I don't view it as a requirement to avoid referencing Wikipedia like it's the plague :P.

"We could give summaries under the articles as well, maybe?"

Yep, that would be another advantage to it, and though I didn't mention it, that's one of the things I was also aiming for in having such index pages.

"We should probably add a definition of otherkin for the terms and definitions article, since it might come up."

You're reading my mind :P. I made a note of that earlier today that I need to put on here a definition for otherkin, as also one for "wereside" and "were" (it's in part a newbie guide, so even though the 'were' terms are kind of those 'duh' terms to us working on this, I have to remember that they nevertheless belong in the Therian 101 stuff). My brain got zapped from typing the ten responses to the questions in a row, so I didn't get to the definitions yet; but I'll update with those later :).

"if you’d like FTP access as well I can email you the information and you can fiddle anytime you please."

Oooh, that sounds nice xD. I'm of course not familiar with the technical parts of the design/coding currently, but if it's done in a way that's relatively easy to add to and update (and then throw it up on FTP which I'm used to doing), then I should be fine in doing that to make some updates (especially just minor tweakings that are more practical to just go in and fix them when I see them).

"Perhaps we ought to put a list of the questions at the top of that article for quick reading, and link to each question/ answer with page anchors?"

There you go reading my mind again for those things I forgot to mention xP. But yeah, that would be the practical way to do it, and further so if either of us can figure out a way to order/organize those questions a bit more (not highly ordered, but similar types of questions being together rather than jumbled up randomly like it is now).

"“Fluidity and Fragmentation”, on site, or linking off to it?"

Thanks for reminding me. I intended to add that link in there but apparently forgot to do so when I made this entry. *goes to fix that*
Jan. 11th, 2009 09:18 pm (UTC)
Mind reading is very handy! ;D
Dividing the questions would be good. It'll probably be easier to to do that when there are more though. Right now the only division I can see is general questions, and then some are more theriotype related, but there are probably other ways those current ones could split.

So FTP will be on it's way. I hope I remember the password. I'll probably fiddle with the organization of the Therianthropy page tonight so we can see how it looks.
Jan. 12th, 2009 04:16 am (UTC)
My summaries are sort of terrible, but they're just placeholders really.
Any thoughts on that setup?

I was thinking of changing all the article titles to 'Articles' in the browser top so that they can cross over sections without it being strange, since some likely will. They're all currently 'Project Shift - Therianthropy' except for 'What is Therianthropy?'. The sidebar on all the pages will need changing too, but since that's tedious we may as well wait until we know what we want to place in there. (:
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