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Major Updates

I finally got around to finishing up some refinements to the site, after Aethyriek and I got about 11 articles/essays added onto there two or three weeks ago.  We didn't have an actual categorization system for the pages when it came to uploading them, so I went through today and made folders for the three main categories and updated links (including navigation links) based on those changes; though it's possible I may have missed something and didn't properly change a link or few, so if anyone catches one of those errors, let me know so I can fix it.  The Resources page has many more links on it now, and its own categories, with more links planned to of course be added later.  There are still some minor tweaks that need to be made to the site, like some of the boxes/modules that are empty, and those will be changed after we either figure out what to put in them or decide on some other specific use for them other than what they are currently titled with.  Also, the contributors list has been updated accordingly to reflect the authors who gave us permission to post their article(s); and another thanks to them all for that : ).  Plus, I mentioned on the index page that Project Shift is not "under construction" anymore, because I feel we've built it up enough, and gotten enough articles on it now that it's primarily going to be normal, casual updates at this point--so a big "woot" in celebration there xD.

After I gather up another list of more materials and information that we're still seeking, I'll post it here.

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