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Usual stuff first! (: We're still always looking for contributions. There's some specifics here, but any ideas or thoughts or concerns you have regarding PS are always welcome to be shared.

Now, the way cooler thing (I think). Nomad contacted me on Werelist the other day, along with various other authors on PS, to ask to translate our articles to Spanish. I thought this was really awesome (and big applause for Nomad just for the size of such an undertaking! =D ). He also was curious if we could host the translations and since I was thinking about suggesting it too that works out nicely. He thought it might be an idea to have a parallel site in Spanish, kind of like other sites have language options. This seemed like an even more awesome idea because then people who cannot read English would have access to information about therianthropy without having to make use of translator programs a lot of the time.

I really liked the parallel site idea. We could have a front page with language options maybe, or just a drop down bar; lots of ways to go about it. And if down the road other people come along and would like to translate into even more languages, we can just slowly build from there. Thoughts?

I don't imagine anyone will have too much trouble with this, since PS can host the articles anyway, even if as a pseudo-subdomain sort of deal, which is almost the same thing, but we're all about opinions here, so share away! (:


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Oct. 31st, 2009 09:44 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Nomad contacted me about this initially and I talked to him briefly about the option of having the translations on Project Shift itself. So I was thinking about ways to do it, and although we could include Spanish translation links alongside the English ones, like you mentioned, I think it might be more convenient for readers and allow for a better layout if we make a Spanish version of the site, set up and laid out the same and hosted on the domain, but just as a subdomain.

If he'd like to translate the non-article material on the site (like the About pages, descriptions, etc.), then we could probably start relatively soon in actually building (i.e., making pages with the full Spanish content) the Spanish version of the site. If we could get all the non-article content translated and then put onto the appropriate pages, we could just update the Spanish site with the links to the articles as we get to them.

This would also be a wonderful thing to have in other languages as well, if there should be people in the future who offer their help in translating PS material in additional languages.
Nov. 1st, 2009 01:34 am (UTC)
Much agreement! (:
I really love the multiple languages idea. It'd be easy to setup a second site on a subdomain of sorts as well.

It is perhaps even something we could make a note of here in general.
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