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This community hasn't seen a new post in a long time (when it was only over on LiveJournal, and now on DreamWidth), so have an update on Project Shift, albeit copied from the site's main page:

*Moved site to Sonverrid.org for hosting, but project-shift.org address will continue to work.

*The Spanish site will be down until converted to WordPress (content added to WordPress manually), yet will not remain
up-to-date with the English site articles and content until a new Spanish translator can be found and translates the remaining articles/content.  Sorry for the inconvenience of this.  [**If you would like to  volunteer as a translator for the Spanish site, or would like to help translate Project Shift into another language, please contact Sonne.]

*Added article "Fictives and Therians" under the Therianthropy page.

*Added Betwixt & Between as a site under Resources.  Removed Awereness Forums from Resources (due to site being extensively down), and fixed broken links.

On a more personal note about the site's move, I feel more comfortable with it (and The Werelibrary, as they were both moved there) being on Sonverrid.org where I can better manage the site(s) and I feel the reliability of them staying up and online consistently will be better there.  Due to other personal matters, the previous homes of Project Shift and Werelibrary made it difficult for me (and the other co-maintainer) to access the site via backdoor FTP and it just wasn't reliable to leave the sites there anymore.  So they should be good to stay online for awhile to come (at the least Project Shift; Werelibrary is currently being rebuilt) as long as I remain 'around' and able to pay for the hosting costs every two years.  And I'm glad to finally be able to utilize some more of the mass amount of space I have available on my site/host instead of it only containing The Sanctuary (my personal writings site).

By the way, on a related note, I'm considering making an RSS feed for Sonverrid.org that will include feed-posts whenever I make updates to any of the four sites there.  I'll let people know for sure about it whenever I implement it officially.


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Nov. 15th, 2016 03:12 pm (UTC)
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