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Introduction thing?

I dunno if an introduction is really necessary, but whatever.

Some of you may recognize me from Werelist, I went by "corvus corone" over there. I've also been known as Adagio and carrioncrowx, and from wayyy back in good ol' days, you may remember me as Hesperus or Hephaestus. Yep... I change names a lot.

Anywayyy. I've always kinda wanted to start a therianthropy site geared towards informing new people about the terms and introspection and all that, simply because there wasn't a really good "newbie" resource when I first started learning about therianthropy *shrug*

If I can help out in any way, let me know. If not, I look forward to seeing this get all set up and running :)
Considering the notable lack of decent places to go and look up therianthropy terms anymore, and that the few left that can be dug up somewhere online are generally way oversimplified or outdated, I ended up writing these definitions a few months ago for someone else who was looking for presentable definitions to put on a therianthropy information site.  So, I decided that maybe they could prove useful for Project Shift.  Also, if anyone has any other therianthropy terms they'd like to see defined for this project, you can mention them here, and if I don't feel comfortable or otherwise interested enough in writing a definition for one (or more) of them I'll let you all know and it/they can be added to a list of definitions needing to be written.

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