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Project Shift

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Welcome to the development community for Project Shift, a collaborative project that invites anyone in and out of the therianthrope community to participate in.

Project Shift is the name coined for an extensive, relatively unbiased ‘newbie guide’ about therianthropy; Shift as a play on shifting, in which Project Shift wishes to bring the many ideas and thoughts of therians together and shift focus from black and white entirely, as well as some apparent distaste for newbie guides as ‘literature’. We would like to collaborate with as many people as possible to share opinions, definitions, experience, and much more with the public and people new to therianthropy. We feel that a lot of confusion comes from a lack of knowledge and so hope that Project Shift will not only help out people new to therianthropy but also community members in understanding the many facets of the concept, as well as each other. Essentially, Project Shift would like to cover everything.

Want to Participate?

If you’d like to participate in Project Shift than simply join the community. There are a few rules below however, as to keep Project Shift as pleasant an experience as possible.

1. Tidy, but not perfect, spelling and grammar are necessary.
2. You should be relatively open minded and well rehearsed in the subjects discussed, whatever they may be. (If you don’t know much about therianthropy, that’s fine, we want to cater to new people, tell us what you’d like to see in a newbie guide.)
3. Be polite/ respectful to others. We’re all friends here.